The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) was set up in 1995 in recognition of the need for The Open University to be at the forefront of research and development in a convergence of areas that impacted on the OU's very nature: Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technologies, and Multimedia. We chose to call this convergence Knowledge Media.




Rachel Yarrien - Photograph

I am the Executive Assistant to the Director of KMi, Professor Peter Scott. As part of my role I also support and PA for KMi's Executives, Alan Fletcher (Lab Manager) and Jane Whild (Administration...

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Simon Knight - Photograph

I'm interested in epistemic beliefs - beliefs about the source, structure, justification and stability of knowledge - and their relationship to actions by individuals and organisations. On the...

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Villalba, A., Perez, J., Carrera, D., Pedrinaci, C. and Panziera, L. (2015) servIoTicy and iServe: a Scalable Platform for Mining the IoT, Workshop: Big Data and Data Mining Challenges on IoT and Pervasive Systems (BigD2M) at International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT), London, UK


Tiddi, I., d'Aquin, M. and Motta, E. (2015) Using Linked Data Traversal to Label Academic Communities, Workshop: SAVE-SD 2015 at 24th International World Wide Web Conference, Florence

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Kuzilek, J., Hlosta, M., Herrmannova, D., Vaclavek, J., Zdrahal, Z. and Wolff, A. (2015) OU Analyse: Analysing At-Risk Students at The Open University, Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK15), Learning Analytics Review, LAK15-1, LACE project

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Recent Seminars

PhD candidate Bjarte Johansen - Uni. of Bergen
Named-Entity Chunking for Norwegian Text Using Support Vector Machines
This event took place on Tuesday 10 March 2015


Dr. Teresa Sancho-Vinuesa - Open University of Catalonia
Continuous activity with immediate feedback: a good strategy to guarantee the students engagement in online maths
This event took place on Wednesday 04 February 2015

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Raimund Kirner - School of Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire
A Uniform Model for Tolerance-Based Real-Time Computing
This event took place on Wednesday 03 December 2014


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heyer - Institut für Informatik/Computer Science Department Universität Leipzig
Exploratory Search and Trend Detection
This event took place on Wednesday 19 November 2014


Research Assistant / Associate

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
£28,695 - £37,394
Based in Milton Keynes
Temporary contract until 30th September 2016

Linked Open Data is a highly successful technology for promoting the sharing and use of data via the Web. A number of major players are now using Linked Data technology including: Google, Yahoo, BBC,...


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Deadline for applications: 13 April 2015



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